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UNDRTW001 - VINYL  + MP3 DOWNLOAD 8 tracks

2 x 12" Vinyl £14.99

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‘City Rose’ features major folk voice Sam Brookes and is a concrete-hued modern blues number, inspiring day dreams of past El-B drum excursions and excerpts of Garage’s most emotive era. ‘Pulse’ is strictly dubplate material, digging deep into the roots of Dubstep and extracting a relentless techno steppas anthem for the FWD heads. On ‘So Real’ he enlists the haunting Fifi Rong for the daylight sibling of ‘City Rose’ a classical MJ Cole-esque 2-step riddem underpins splashes of colour and sundown atmosphere.‘Alignment’ follows with an exquisitely textured Kubrickian opening scene with sweeping Tremolo effects and ominous atmospherics The one omnipresent factor with all Phaeleh compositions is bass-weight: ‘Relics’ is hi-tech dubwise slab with lung-collapsing pressure and super wet percussive details a Bristol-Berlin soundclash.‘Neon Melt’ sees Phaeleh joined by Chord Marauder’s Geode both injecting the traditional Dubstep genome with some smoked out Jazz-Broken-beat DNA. ‘Ochre’ Here sating his hungry fanbase with trademarked delicate melodies and guitar work skips alongside 2-step rhythms atop a mountain of low-end. ‘A World Without’ is the perfect end-scene; riffing on the mystery of late 70’s sci-horror soundtracks, building with intricate guitar work and strings into a classical Phaeleh epic.

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